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Consulting & Training Services

Consulting & Training Services

High-Impact Consulting & Training Tailored to Your Needs

Hivic Solutions provides “High-Impact” consultancy & training in Solutions Design and Costing, Technical Writing, Technical Reports & Developing Technical Proposals. Our courses, seminars and workshops are customized to your industry and training goals. Expert Facilitators are specifically chosen based on their expertise and understanding of your training needs.

We make custom onsite training an affordable training solution for organizations of all sizes. Our proven training solutions are used by private and public entities of all sizes and we know how to make outsourced training work for you.

Our trainers are thoroughly versed in their areas of expertise. We continually evaluate our trainer effectiveness based on the trainer’s ability to create a positive learning environment and the ability to transfer meaningful job-related information to the learner. As a result, Hivic Solutions training is 100% guaranteed!

Why our business training Courses, Seminars & Workshops are so powerful!

  • Courses are tailored to your industry and your organization
  • Interactive training maximizes learning and performance improvement
  • The customization is FREE – the training is GUARANTEED

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