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Energy Solutions

Energy Audits

Hivic Solutions  conducts energy audits and prepares Investment grade energy efficiency projects from concept to commissioning across all industry sectors. Hivic Solutions is one of the pioneers in investment grade audits, several of which have successfully been implemented by clients.

Why Undertake an Energy Audit

  • An Energy Audit Study helps an organisation to understand and analyse its energy utilisation and identify areas where energy use can be reduced. Hivic Solutions offers a unique Energy Audit Program which helps customers saving of electricity consumption.
  • It helps to decide on how to budget energy use, plan & practice feasible energy conservation methods that will enhance their energy efficiency; minimize energy wastage and thereby reduce energy costs.
  • Some organisations have already implemented the recommendations and are benefited up to 30% energy savings.

Energy Management Systems

Utilities need greater visibility and operational control of transmission and subtransmission networks as well as reduced EMS implementation costs. The Energy Management Systems that we provide can be deployed fully as stand-alone system.

The Energy Management System will provide transmission operators with greater insight into transmission and subtransmission networks. With applications for State Estimation, Load Flow, Optimal Power Flow, Contingency Analysis, Fault Calculation, Optimal Topology Change, Performance Indices, and Voltage Stability. Energy Management Systems allows utilities to better, visualize, operate, optimize, and maintain transmission and subtransmission networks.


  • Deep and proven knowledge of full-scale utility operations and control
  • Advanced applications for visualization, operation, optimization, and maintenance of transmission and subtransmission networks
  • Minimizing generation costs and power transmission losses and eliminate line overloads

Solar Power Solutions

Hivic Solutions is a leader of utility-scale solar power projects, which include electricity generation by solar thermal energy and photovoltaic panels.

With solar, you can lower energy costs, increase financial certainty and demonstrate environmental responsibility. Hivic Solutions works with companies to determine their current energy needs and help plan for the future.

Solar Solutions for Commercial & Industrial

Increasing numbers of commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses are looking to renewable energy as a way to mitigate the threat of rising energy costs and to reach corporate goals related to sustainability and emissions reduction.

Wind and solar energy are uniquely capable of providing a hedge against future costs of power due to the absence of fuel costs. Wind energy is the least cost new generation technology available in the market, and as an on-peak resource, solar is at or approaching wholesale power costs in many parts of the country.

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